Best colleges in New York City:

presenting best colleges in newyork city
best colleges in newyork city

It is hard to search some best colleges in New York City. So, we have decided to share an affordable and best college in American city New York. If you are willing to get admitted to an American college, the New York colleges will be sufficient for you.

Usually, New York is known as the big apple of America and Manhattan by names. The economy of this city is on the world’s 20th number. This city never sleeps, and it has a significant ratio in education filed. Undoubtedly the acceptance rates of these colleges are high. Some of its colleges are top-ranked colleges of America even world.

Today we are about to approach some best colleges of New York as per on the acceptance rate, study level, sports, entertainment, and other cultural activities. If you are also in search of a college that is best providing all these subsidies then, go through this article.

#1- Columbia University:

Columbia University is one of the oldest colleges of New York.  This one is a private university and situated in new Manhattan. The Columbia University is included in nine most prior and especial colleges of the world.

Columbia University has a lot of educational sources and research centers. It provides different kinds of learning environment, through undergraduate and graduate students are learning. Willingly students have new touches in their professional fields.

columbia university campus
colubmia universtiy

The university admits the value of its place in New York City, which is why it always wants a link between research and teaching. There are vast learning sources for students regarding great metropolis etc. there are about 4,000 academic teachers are teaching to the students. About 8,000 postgraduate and 20,000 undergraduate students (national and international) are studying at Columbia University.

Academic Features:

Columbia has twenty different kinds of schools and colleges including; doctoral college physicians/surgeons and Columbia College. Some best of its undergraduate fields are;

  • Economics
  • Political Science/Government
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science

Columbia University has a particular number of global research outposts. These outpost research centers are situated in Amman, Jordan, Kenya, and Nairobi. All these outpost centers are providing a lot of postgraduate degrees for students.

#2- Bernard College (Best colleges in New York City):

Bernard College is a women’s liberal arts college. It runs privately and situated in (Manhattan) network.  The student acceptance rate of this college is about 11.2%. It selects the most intelligent and competent student based on merits. This college was created to response the rejected women by Columbia University.

bernard college ( best colleges in new york city )
bernard college

Bernard College is a well-settled women’s college of New York. All the legal authorities and rights of this college are separated from Columbia University. Yearly as an affiliated college, it issues 5.0 million dollars for maintenance. Students are sharing clubs, sports teams, buildings, pre-selected classes and other facilities with Columbia University.

Academic features:

The Barnard College of New York serves Bachelor of Arts college degrees. Every bachelor degree consults with about 50 study areas. It is why this college is listed in Best colleges in New York City. The college promises for some joint programs (Bachelor of Science) with some other institutes like; Columbia University, Juilliard School, the Jewish theological seminary and many others.  Beyond all these degrees Barnard College has six major fields; in which it provides best opportunities for students to touch their destiny.

  •  English
  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • History
  • Biology
best colleges in new york 2019

This liberal arts college asks for some basic requirements that are called as nine ways on knowledge. Every student must have one year of lab science, and it requires four semesters studied in one foreign language. Also, students have to complete three/credit courses extra; Reason and value, Social analysis, Historical studies, Cultures in comparison, etc.

Barnard College ranked in best colleges in New York State by magazines and journals. Other American publications have listed Barnard as best value colleges in New York. According to the U.s news and World report, Bernard was ranked as a 25th best national liberal college of America. 

#3- ST. John Fisher (Best colleges in New York City):

An independent college with a Catholic tradition of America is none other than ST. John fisher college of New York. This one is a liberal art private college situated in Pittsford New York. It is composed of 167 acres, in which we have 27 modern buildings, gardens different kinds of other spots.

john fisher college campus beautiful view
st john fisher college

ST. John Fisher College offers higher education with emphasizing arts, academic discipline, and traditional skills. This college directly moves students to their career-oriented departments.

ST. John Fisher College is based on five different schools;

1- Arts and science school

2- Business school

3- Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of education

4- Wegmans nursing school

5- Wegmans pharmacy school

In these different schools there both national and international student bodies are getting their field education. ST. John Fisher College provides some undergraduate and master’s doctoral programs. The college offers a variety of online courses for students, though students can be able to study in this college. Let us have some pre-professional academic programs of ST. John Fisher College.

Academic features:

  • Humanities
  • Social and natural science
  • Business
  • Education
  • Nursing

Best value colleges in New York (ST. John Fisher College):

Undoubtedly ST. John Fisher College is most famous for generating graduates for unsuccessful students. It pushes them positively towards their regions, throughout the state and even the whole nation. This one is an only college in New York that makes you able to face the challenges regarding your fields. As this college is a liberal arts college so, it promises to the students to achieve their goals in this complex world. It polish students and their skills as per on their excellence.

john fisher college ( best value college in new york)

The most remarkable fact of this college is; it consists of a small sized classroom so a student will never be lost in a huge crowd. For faculty of ST. John Fisher College every student is taking his/her worth.

This is why every student of New York wants to get admitted to Best value colleges in New York (ST. John Fisher College).

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