The educational level of the U.S.A population for the past few decades, and a survey about what percentage of Americans have a college degree.

Have you ever think that America is on the 1st number from all countries in the race of power. For a state, the strength and energy all depend on its educational development. Undoubtedly America has an educated population. According to an informal survey of America, above one-third part of American adult population is having bachelor degree and rest of one piece is in the queue of education. This rating is a higher rating of the education department in the current decade.


Before getting an exact idea about the percentage of Americans has a college degree, we prefer to know about the number of American’s colleges and universities. In the United States of America formally colleges and universities are calculated with the same criteria. A particular association on American colleges and universities declared that there are two thousand six hundred eighteen 2,618 certified four-year colleges and universities approximately. Some of them are managed by private, and the other is part of American’s government.


In the country United States of America, generally, college is a place which you can say that, four-year undergraduate school. In this school students are earning there bachelor degrees. Somehow colleges can be the called universities. Also, that is a school providing both undergraduate and graduate programs management. If someone wants to be graduated in these educational institutes of America, then he will have two unique platforms for the degree.


  • Associate college degree
  • Bachelor college degree


In America, associate college degrees are generally acquired into two years. For these degrees, a student will attend classes at technical colleges, community colleges, vocational schools or some other universities. Many students want to get an associate degree for the preparation of a bachelor degree and rest are only want to earn an associate degree in America because they feel it is not a degree but the qualification. The associate degree has it four types:

  • AA (Associate of arts)
  • AS (Associate for science)
  • AAA (Associate of applied arts)
  • AAS (Associate of applied science)


A bachelor degree in America is an academic degree that can receive by colleges and universities. The time for this degree is four years. For bachelor degree in America, a student will have to pass 120 semesters along with 40 several college courses. Same as associate degree bachelor degree has also it is for types:

  • (B.A) Bachelor of Arts
  • (B.S) Bachelor of Science
  • (B.F.A) Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • (B.A.S) Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor degree and an associate degree is America both are recognized as undergraduate degrees. It means both degrees are open for secondary level students after passing school. In comparison, a bachelor degree is compatible with postgraduate degrees in America. Somehow associate and bachelor degree has three main differentiates, time, cost, and entry requirements.

If someone wants to stop its study after an undergraduate degree, then he can get many options for highest paying careers. Many fields in America are often working on behalf of undergraduate people, and these fields are nominated for the high paid globally.

To transfer an associate degree into a bachelor degree is possible and straightforward in America. It’s all depending on a course that is relevant and accepted by a college or university. If you have quite similar classes to the bachelor degree in America, then you have a choice of 2+2 format which earned through half way.

If you want to skip associate degree and want to get the bachelor degree, then you make sure that bachelor degree is entirely different from an associate degree. It has some different requirements and special classes for you. You have to manage your timings and to get prepared for the bachelor degree plan.

According to the current study of American education in last year, 54 percent of people who cannot finish their high school study was not born in America while on the other side highest percentage of the American population who all have completed their college studies.

Do you know that 34% of the American population has a four-year college degree while the rest of 33% American population is not born in America, due to they had not any college degree?

The American government is entirely serious on the education issue. It is providing many facilities in all government colleges and universities, that why the percentage of the American population is getting increase day by day. Somehow many people could not complete their studies due to their issues. The educational system in America is very modern and unique anyone can be the best part of it and make his self-successful. Colorado with 48.5% and New Hampshire with 46.9% are the most educated states of America.

America has a printed student guide on an international level. Many students are willing to study at the American’s colleges and universities, but due to their (personal & financial) issues, they could not afford the American education. For all those types of student’s American educational government has started many on-line resources, from that way they will get the same education which is provided by American colleges and universities.

Along with a college degree, some people want to get an idea about the American population that what percentage of the people with the university degree?

For our reader here is the answer that in this decade about 12.2% American population has got success to achieve their university degrees such as masters in multiple subjects and P.H.D or M.Phil.

America has a long chain of job opportunities because the population of America is acute for education and that is the main reason American educational system on number 1st from the whole world.

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